Wordpress Website Design

Best Sheds is Australia’s number one choice for customised sheds serving and satisfying the extensive farming communities of regional Australia.

Project Overview

Best Sheds collaborated with Rysen to launch a new, modern and high converting WordPress website. In order for Rysen to deliver on this, we conducted extensive user research through feedback surveys and one-on-one interviews. By doing so, Rysen was able to empathise with the target audience and understand the goals and challenges of browsing a shed website. It was imperative this website had simple and intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience.

The Challenge

Rysen were presented with the challenge to deliver a WordPress website that meets the needs of a niche customer market. Best Sheds has been established for over 60 years and therefore, Rysen needed to maintain their legacy as an Australian owned and manufactured proud and highly experienced shed company. In addition, Rysen needed to convey Best Sheds as a manufacturing company and not just the supplier. Rysen also needed to introduce a Find A Builder tool which provides contractor options to customers and generates business for the builder. It was crucial Best Sheds had a stylish design and development to meet the objectives of the project.


The end result was a website which is user friendly, easy to navigate, and clearly conveys who Best Sheds is. The new website is content-rich and contains all the relevant information which is easily accessible to the customers. It is evident that the website demonstrates a strong user experience and reflects Rysen’s tailored approach to the project.
The website features:
  • Improved product content and imagery.
  • Improved promotional material.
  • Improved site structure which browsing options for customers.
  • A new help centre containing FAQs, Installation guides & manuals, and product brochures.
  • A dedicated find a builder page for customers and builders.
  • A dedicated display centre virtual tour page.
  • A dedicated buying guide section to assist in the shed purchasing process.

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