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WordPress is unquestionably a powerful CMS that can transform your digital presence, but if you don’t have the right agency behind it to harness the power of the platform, you won’t maximise your return on investment. We have been designing and developing WordPress websites since 2006 and know what it takes to create a seamless and engaging website.

We partner with our clients, taking a collaborative approach to deliver a successful website that provides an optimal user experience. That’s the secret behind the best performing websites – happy customers enjoying a seamless journey and a consistent experience across every page.

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If you want to make a good first impression with your website – and that is absolutely what you need your website to do – custom WordPress development is the answer. Your website needs to capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to take action.  Rysen is an experienced WordPress development agency. We are a full service digital agency with the capability to design an aesthetically beautiful website that drives engagement through a well considered user journey. Our expertise spans WordPress development, user experience, user interface design, strategy and research to deliver results aligned with your business goals.

Research & Analysis

  • Conducting brand discovery covering market research, analytics review, persona audits and industry and competitor analysis allows for the strategic foundation to be laid to deliver an outstanding website.

Website & Strategy

  • Through intensive persona creation, empathy maps and user journey mapping, we are able to create a roadmap for your WordPress development that includes in depth recommendations on technical, design and UX considerations.

User Experience Design

  • Focusing on your key audiences to deliver purposeful UX, encouraging ease of use, engagement and delight is at the heart of Rysen.

User Interface Design

  • We design high-quality and high-performing visual concepts that align with your goals and resonate with your end users.

Responsive Design

  • We ensure your website resolves perfectly across devices so your users have a consistent and cohesive experience, no matter which device they are viewing your website on.

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Why choose Rysen?

Rysen are a full service agency, taking care of all your website needs. Read our FAQs below to discover more.

How long does it take to create a new WordPress website from scratch?

WordPress development isn’t a simple and linear process. To get it right, it takes time and effort to be sure that the final result will deliver on your expectations.

The complexity of the WordPress development is also a factor in how long the website will take to develop. A basic website with minimal content and pages might only take six weeks. However, a more complex website with a well-planned user journey backed by strategy and research will take longer. You should expect a timeline of approximately 12-16 weeks.

At Rysen, we follow a clear process to ensure we dot every i and cross every t as we build your WordPress website. Our thorough approach means that you get a website that is absolutely aligned to your business goals.

In the early stages of your website build we dive deep into research and analysis. We want to understand your brand and what makes you tick as well as what your competitors are doing and who your customers are. It’s really important that we address your customer pain points through the website and position you at the right level in the market. Our process includes market research and persona audits to get all the information we can to make smart and informed decisions.

With that information we build a strategy and a plan to give your website project clarity and direction. It’s so tempting to jump straight from research into design but the strategic part of the process is one of the most important elements so it can’t be overlooked. At this stage we also map your user journey and create intensive user personas. We resolve technical, design and UX concerns and considerations within the strategy to ensure we don’t hit any hurdles when we reach these milestones in the process.

At the design stage, we are designing for a number of elements - namely, user experience, user interface, functionality and responsiveness. These elements don’t happen in a vacuum, they go hand-in-hand with our design team working as a cohesive unit to create an optimum design that will deliver conversions. We ensure that your website will work across different devices and screen sizes and we always keep the end user at the front of our minds.

One we have pinned down all the elements of design, we start to build your WordPress website with a simple and flexible CMS, with both optimum front-end and back-end development.

Building custom WordPress websites takes time because we are designing and developing the website as a bespoke solution for your business. We take care to do the planning and lay the foundation so you get the result you are looking for.

When we provide you with a project proposal, we can give you a more accurate idea of the timelines for your website based on the complexity or the functionality and design you require. It’s our style to be very open and transparent with our clients so we will keep you updated at every step along the way as to how your project is progressing and if we can foresee any delays or bumps in the road. Rest assured, your WordPress website is in very good hands.

How can this new website help us achieve our business goals and KPIs?

The WordPress website we build for you will be designed with your goals and KPIs in mind. That’s why we know that it will align with your business and meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, many businesses are tempted by the pull of the low-cost off-the-shelf website options that can be implemented in a matter of weeks. They are cheap and fast but the ROI simply isn’t there. A template website limits how much you can customise the website to suit your goals and direction.

With a custom WordPress website we start with a blank canvas and build your goals into the website as we go. We are focussed on the detail to get every little thing right but we also look at the big picture. It’s not enough to have a beautifully designed website if the design doesn’t factor in the user journey or doesn’t represent your business how you need it for growth.

For our clients, we become an extension of their business. We build an open and transparent relationship so we can design and develop a WordPress website that absolutely meets your needs. We dive deep into your business to understand your goals, your customers and where your business is headed and then we formulate that into a strategic plan for your WordPress website.

When we understand your customers and what problems they need to solve we can shine the light on your products and services as the solution. We build websites for conversion so you get maximum ROI.

Our process goes into the depth it does for a reason and that is because we want to be sure that the work we do for you is meaningful for your business and takes you closer to your goals.

What differentiates Rysen from the competition?

At Rysen you won’t find big egos or agendas that push and pull your website in multiple directions. We are a humble team who are super passionate about what we do and helping our clients to succeed. Who we work with matters to us because we want to do the best job we can and to do that we need a great relationship with you.

We’re a bespoke agency by choice and we live and breathe digital.

It’s not enough for us to just do the job - we are completely dedicated to partnering with you for success. We want to provide award-winning solutions that push your business forward.

We work with clients of all sizes - from start ups to large organisations - and we have been doing so since 2006. In the digital world, that is an age and it shows in our experience and the solutions we produce. We firmly stand by the work we do and are proud of the results we achieve for our clients..

We build WordPress websites and create digital solutions to help our clients succeed. Knowing that we have been able to play a part in your success is a huge win for us! Building beautiful, customer-centric websites that achieve real results for clients is what drives us and keeps our passion for what we do alive.

We aren’t just a WordPress development and design agency. We have the capability of a full service digital agency to support you with digital strategy, eCommerce, custom website development, we design services, project management, mobile app development, branding, digital marketing, user experience design and customer experience strategy.

Due to our size, we are agile and adaptable, able to meet your needs efficiently and with flexibility. With every project we take on, we want to ensure we 100% deliver for the client. Passion for what we do and determination to succeed are what drives us.

What are the next steps/how do we kick off?

Before we start on any project, we want to get to know you and your business so contact us so we can start the conversation. In this initial conversation we want to get an idea of your budget and your goals for your WordPress website project. We’ll arrange a time to come and speak with you about your requirements and exactly what you are looking for.

We like to work very closely with our clients because we know that is the best way to meet your expectations, so we take time to get to know you - and for you to get to know us - before we jump into your project.

Once we know what you are looking for and we can see that we will be able to deliver on that for you, we will create a detailed project proposal. In this proposal we will outline the approach we will take with your project and including costs, timelines and any recommendations we have to make the process a seamless one.

We are always here for you with any questions you might have at any stage in the process. We have been designing and developing WordPress websites for more than 15 years so we know a thing or two about the platform and how it can work for your business. We are here to help you so please do make the most of our expertise and experience.

We aim to make your projects as headache free and seamless as possible. We work closely with you so we can get the insights we need to develop a website that will deliver on your business goals and KPIs.

Why should I use WordPress for developing a website?

WordPress is without a doubt the most widely used website platform around the world. However, just because everyone else is using it for their business doesn’t necessarily mean you should be too. Having said that, WordPress is a powerful platform that is ideal for many businesses.

WordPress is an open source platform that is flexible and robust. For those who want to use a simple to install template, they can get their WordPress website up and running in a very short time. For businesses like yours, where a customised website is more important, WordPress can also deliver.

One of the great benefits of WordPress being an open source platform is that there are endless plugins available for WordPress built by developers all around the world. If you need additional functionality, we can also build a custom solution.

In terms of the WordPress CMS, it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Uploading content is an efficient process, as is managing updates and changes to your website.

When you build a website, you want it to be secure and WordPress is certainly a very safe and secure platform. You can add additional plugins to boost your security but it is also important that the code of your website is hack proof. Not all developers will offer the same level of security in their code so this is something you will need to check in the process of deciding which agency to choose.

Another crucial factor for a business website is SEO and WordPress is a highly SEO friendly platform. The search engines love WordPress because of the code and semantic markup that sit behind it that make it easy to analyse and index your content. You can easily adjust the metadata for your website pages to ensure you are optimising the content for the search engines.

WordPress is also flexible to allow you to create different types of websites. While it is synonymous with blog sites, WordPress is a powerful option for eCommerce sites, membership sites and many other types of sites. If you can dream it, there is a good chance that WordPress can do it.

The other large benefit of WordPress is that you can scale your website as your business grows. Whatever website you end up building, it needs to be aligned to your business goals and support those goals. If the website can’t be scaled, you will be back to square one when it comes time to upgrade your website.

Overall, WordPress is a platform that will support most types of businesses and the sky's the limit in terms of what we can do. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and help you determine whether a WordPress website is right for your business or if we can help you with an alternative custom website solution.