Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

A unique customer experience (CX) strategy can be the one thing that makes you stand out in a crowded market. With all else being equal, the experience your customers have with you through every interaction is the difference between earning loyalty or customers abandoning your brand.

At Rysen, we provide comprehensive solutions to design optimal customer experience strategies for your brand. As a full service boutique agency, we have the skills and expertise to deliver, with a team dedicated to your success.

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Customer experience has always been important, but never more so than in the digital age. It’s not enough to run your staff through customer service training and call it a day. Every interaction your customer has with your brand, your products and services must be consistent and seamless. If it’s not,you risk consumers abandoning your brand in favour of your competitors.

Digital is what we love to do at Rysen, and we are endlessly fascinated by the power of digital to transform your customer experience. Strategy excites us and we love to dive into customer experience workshops and market research, to define what it is that will enhance your customer experience.

Strategy and Planning

  • Conduct market research and analyse customer insights and turn it into a strategic road map for your business.

Customer Journey & Experience Mapping

  • Big picture thinking that maps the entire customer experience across every single touchpoint your customers have with your brand.

User Experience Design

  • Focusing on your key audiences to deliver purposeful UX driven by your customer experience strategy and aligned with your business goals and vision.

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Why choose Rysen?

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Why is customer experience important?

To understand why customer experience is so important, you need to look at what your business would be without customers. Would you even have a business?

When you have a strong and positive customer experience, your customer retention will be higher and it will be easier for you to acquire new customers.

Prioritising the customer experience in your business is also important because it doesn’t take much for you to lose a customer. Often it can be just one kink in the wheel, a glitch on your website or a poorly trained employee, to turn a customer off your business for life.

Customers are increasingly looking for you to deliver on your promises. They have high expectations and you need to deliver. When your customer experience is consistent across all platforms and touchpoints you establish trust with your customers. They know that whenever they interact with you, they can be sure of what they are going to get.

Your digital customer experience needs to absolutely match your face to face customer experience, or you risk eroding any hard-earned trust.

What is customer experience strategy (CX strategy)?

CX strategy is the roadmap or plan you have in place to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every interaction. It’s more than just your face-to-face encounters with your customers, your CX strategy should incorporate every touchpoint you have with them.

Through your CX strategy you are looking at the entire customer journey and ensuring that you offer amazing service at every step of the way. With a clever CX strategy you will see your customer retention,as well as your customer acquisition, increase as you offer a brilliant experience across every touchpoint with your business.

Your CX strategy is a roadmap so it’s important that it isn’t just high-level marketing speak. It needs to be actionable or you will lose your way, as you veer off the map. Your strategy should also work hand in hand with your business strategy. In fact, your CX strategy is the “how” of achieving your business goals and KPIs.

A solid CX strategy puts your customers at the centre of the business and is a powerful tool for your team to achieve business goals. It gives everyone in the team a common plan to work from and ensures that you keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.