UI UX Design

We craft strategic digital experiences. We make digital look good but we also give it depth and substance. A good design is nothing if it doesn’t have well-considered user research and strategy behind it to enhance your digital brand. Our focus is on developing high quality interfaces that create meaningful connections and optimise the experience for your users.

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At Rysen we take a holistic view of the user journey. We create bespoke solutions for every client to improve the usability and accessibility of their digital platforms. 

Through our smart user experience optimisation services we help every client we work with to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, retention and, ultimately, revenue.

Research & Recommendations

  • Strategic digital recommendations based on design consultation, brand analysis, review of objectives and in-depth competitor and industry analysis.

Information & Planning

  • Target audience and goal analysis are used to develop pathways to great design, encouraging simplicity and clarity in structure.

UX Workshops

  • Proposed solutions through in-depth UX workshops (Persona development, Empathy Maps & User Journey Workshops) to promote engagement through simple, intuitive and delightful experiences across all devices.


  • Exploring potential concepts for cross device experiences through wireframes and digital prototypes.


  • Exploiting the interactive nature of digital with unique opportunities in engagement through input driven interfaces.

User Interface Design

  • Detailed conceptualisation of all key elements of a digital project to promote purposeful and intelligent interfaces.

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What is UX design? Why is it important?

UX design, or user Experience Design, is used to improve the way people use, access and engage with a product. It is both an art and a science that relies on measurement and data as well as creative thinking and problem solving.

In the case of the digital experience, this centres around the experience a user has with your website and digital brand.

Poor design can impact on your retention and conversions so getting it right is important. For a website, poor experiences happen when visitors can’t easily find what they need or complete a checkout without issues.

How do CX and UX work together?

UX centres on user behaviour and how people interact with a product or platform. Customer Experience (CX), on the other hand, is about understanding the customer journey and their expectations of and relationship with your brand.

UX is just one component of CX. You first need to understand your customer journey and then you can improve your digital experience to support that. If you don’t offer top notch experiences then your customer experience will fall down.

What differentiates Rysen from its competitors?

At Rysen we have been producing award-winning solutions for our clients - from start-ups to large organisations - since 2006. We live and breathe user experience design.

We don’t look at UX in isolation - we also have the capability of a full service digital agency to support you with digital strategy, eCommerce, web development, web design, project management, mobile app development, branding and digital marketing.

Our team are passionate about getting results. We are a boutique UX agency so we can be agile and adaptable to provide bespoke solutions for every client we work with.