Custom Web Development

A website is a non-negotiable in business today, but not any website will do. A custom website is key to providing your customers with a positive experience through quality custom aesthetics and seamless UX.

We believe in building collaboration and trust to deliver on the ultimate goal of developing a successful website that provides an optimised experience for the user. When your users are happy and your website is performing, you will reap the rewards in growth for your business.

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Websites are more often than not a users first interaction with your company. Ensuring your website provides a positive experience through quality custom design and seamless UX is a no brainer. Above all, we believe in quality and building collaboration and trust to deliver on the ultimate goal of building a successful website that provides an optimised experience for the user and delivers great results for your company.

Research & Analysis

  • An in-depth research & analysis phase is critical to the success of any website. Conducting brand discovery covering market research, analytics review, persona audits and industry and competitor analysis allows for the strategic foundation to be laid to deliver an outstanding website.

Website & Strategy

  • Through intensive persona creation, empathy maps and user journey mapping, we are able to provide thorough recommendations on technical, design and UX considerations to provide a website that meet the needs of your customers and delivers your company results.

User-Experience Design

  • Focusing on your key audiences to deliver purposeful UX, encouraging ease of use, engagement and delight is at the heart Rysen.

User-Interface Design

  • High quality execution of visual concepts to deliver on objectives across all devices. Basically we make websites look really good.

Responsive Design

  • People expect to be able to view a website on any device they choose, whenever they choose. Not providing a seamless experience from a users phone all the way to their desktop results in a poor user experience. Designing your website for mobile is a must.

Content Management System Development

  • Utilising the flexible and scalable Wordpress CMS platform, we develop custom websites that are easy to use and more importantly, easy for you to manage.

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Why choose Rysen?

Rysen is a full service agency, taking care of all your website needs. Read our FAQs below to discover more.

What is custom web development?

The success of your website will come down to a number of factors, a major one of which is how well it connects with your target market. The user experience must be well considered and the site architecture well planned.

This is not something you can achieve with a template or off the shelf website. This is where custom web development comes in to create a website that is tailored to your business goals and your end users.

Where a template website is quite restrictive in that you are limited with the functionality and making your brand stand out, a custom website is the opposite. Custom web development is bespoke for your brand, business goals, products and services.

The key thing about custom web development is that we start with a blank canvas. Unlike with a template website where you are restricted from the start, with a custom site, it is flexible and adaptable to your requirements and the objective you have for the website, not just for now but also well into the future.

With custom web development, the backend development can be built on quite easily into the future as your business grows or your offering changes. With a template website you are limited in your ability to do this and will often have to start from scratch if you need to grow your website.

Incorporating user experience strategy and design into your custom web development is a crucial factor in your success. If your website isn’t designed with a good user experience or doesn’t consider what your customers and end users are looking for then it will not achieve te same financial and growth results as a custom build. With a custom website you are able to maximise your ROI with increased sales or hitting whatever targets you have set for your website.

Custom web development is also beneficial for websites that require third-party API integrations such as with a CMS or other apps. Overall the security on a custom website will be stronger as we can securely code your back end to limit vulnerabilities. This is also the case with third-party integrations where custom coding will provide a safer platform for those integrations.

Custom web development also helps you to stand out from the crowd with a website that truly reflects your brand. A custom website will accurately and authentically represent your brand and give you credibility in the market. Custom web development gives you a professional appearance that resonates with your end users.

A website will have many goals and with custom web development you can tick each of these goals as you optimise the site for each one. You will only get conversions if your website is optimised in terms of the architecture and functionality so your site speaks to your target market.

The bottom line is that custom web development is how you create a website that is tailored to your needs and flexible for future growth. It captures your unique brand identity and resonates with your target market by creating an exceptional user experience.

How long does it take to create a website from scratch?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on many factors and the complexity of the website. If you are building a very simple site with only a few basic pages and minimal content, you could have that live within around six weeks. However, if you are building a more complex website that requires custom web development, you should expect a timeline of approximately 12-16 weeks.

At every stage of a website build there is a lot involved and a lot to consider. From the early research through to the back end coding, testing and launching, it’s important to get it right to ensure the success of your website.

Our process starts with research and analysis to both understand your brand but also take a broad look at your competitors and customers. We want to be sure that we position your brand appropriately in the market and that we address your customer pain points. We do market research and persona audits to lay the groundwork for a strong website.

From there we define and develop a strategy for your site. This is where we pull together the research we have already completed to map the user journey and create intensive personas. This strategy stage is crucially important, as without it your website will be lacking direction.

At this stage we also work through the technical, web design and UX considerations with a strategy lens to ensure that the website is built for success and optimised for conversions.

Once we research the design phase we are working on three key components of design. These are user experience design, user interface design and responsive design. It’s important that your site works across different device and screen sizes and that it is designed for the end user. We aim to design your website so your website visitors engage with it and take action to convert. If the user experience or interface is clunky or poorly planned, this will not get you the outcome you are looking for.

Finally, we bring together the planning, strategy and design to develop your website in a simple and flexible CMS.
Building bespoke websites, like we do at Rysen, takes time. Every website is designed and developed with your business in mind. We work with you to understand your goals and then build a website to help you achieve those goals.

Every website is different, as is every business. Before we even start the actual web development, we need to do a lot of planning and lay the foundation so we get it right. Launching a new website is a big project and we make sure to cross every i and dot every t in the process.

How can this new website help us achieve our business goals and KPIs?

One of the first things we will do before we start work on your custom web development is to understand exactly what your business goals and KPIs are. When we know where you are heading, we can design and build you a website that will get you there.

This is where template sites fall down in their ability to be able to support your goals and business growth. You are limited in how you can customise the site and build your goals and strategy into web development. With a custom website, we start from scratch with a blank canvas so we can overlay your goals and KPIs through everything we are doing.

With any website, it’s important that you look at the big picture as well as the detail. We bring together a big picture view of where your business is heading and combine it with our detailed analysis of your competitors and your customers along with our design expertise to create a bespoke site that will support your goals… because that is what it’s designed to do.

It’s important that we have an open and transparent relationship with you so that we have all the information we need in order to design and develop a custom website that really meets your needs. Ideally, we become like an extension of your business so that we can dive deep to get the information we need for your web design.

We need to understand your customers, their pain points and how your products and services solve those. We get to know your brand, understand your culture and align the work we do with your business strategy and KPIs.

Our web developers can then optimise your site to whatever you want it to achieve. Whether that is for conversions and sales or for education and engagement, we understand your goals and then optimise your website to achieve them. Every element of your website is bespoke to your brand and your goals so you get the optimum result every time.

What kind of tools will you use to manage and deliver web development projects?

We have a broad tech stack in house that we use to manage and deliver projects, but we can also work with your tech stack.
Our web developers use project management software so we can ensure the project runs smoothly and on track. Any custom website build has a huge number of moving parts and we need to be across those as a team at all times. You will have more than one person working on your website from the Rysen team, so our project management software brings us all together so everyone knows what the other team members are working on.

Communication is also a crucial part of web development projects, both internally between our team of web designers and developers and also with you and your team. We use a variety of different tools to communicate about the project and share with you the information that you need to know. We also like to meet with you face-to-face (in person or virtually) where possible. We aim to become an extension of your team and this helps us to really get to know each other and get the best results.

For the front end design element of your website, we use a variety of tools to create the wireframes and visuals for your website. Every web development project is different so we will call on the tools we need when we need them to create the bespoke solution you are looking for.

In terms of how we choose the platform for your site, this will depend on your goals and requirements for the project. We work with a range of website platforms including WordPress, Magento and Shopify.

We will look at the integrations your site will need and the capacity of the platform to scale with your growth. We will also consider the backend functionality and content management system and how these will meet your needs.

Along the way we also use a large range of tools for data collection and interpretation. A large part of our process is in understanding, mapping and designing the user experience and journey which we do through market research and analysis.

We have been developing custom websites since 2006 and in that time we have developed processes and methods that have delivered results for our clients. We know what works and what doesn’t because we use tried and tested tools to ensure we operate efficiently. We also have our finger on the pulse so we know about all the latest developments in technology and tools so we can adapt and grow.

What are the next steps to kick-off?

The first step is to contact us so we can start the conversation about your project.

When you contact us it is helpful for us to get an idea of your budget and what you are looking for from your website project. After we receive your enquiry, we will arrange a time to speak with you further about your goals and requirements.

It’s important to us that we get to know each other before we jump into your project. We aim to become an extension of your team and so this is a big part of the process for us.

Once we have a clear picture of your requirements then we can provide you with a detailed project proposal which will outline our approach to your project and our recommendations for platforms and the like.

At any stage throughout the process, if you have any questions, please let us know. We have been working in custom web development for more than 15 years so we have quite a lot of expertise within our team. We are here to help you so please do make the most of our expertise and experience.

We aim to make your projects as headache free and seamless as possible. We work closely with you so we can get the insights we need to develop a website that will deliver on your business goals and KPIs.