Ecommerce Web Design & Development

There has never been more opportunity to step into the eCommerce market and take advantage of expanding sales and the rise of online shopping. Whether your business is new to the opportunities of eCommerce or looking to revamp your existing digital presence, you need a partner who can deliver results. At Rysen, we create beautiful online stores and strategically-led shopping experiences.

With our industry-leading, creative responsive designs, we develop bespoke solutions, tailored to every client and their unique goals and objectives. We are a boutique eCommerce agency with the agility and flexibility to build powerful results-focused eCommerce websites.

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Out-of-the-box ecommerce website design solutions may save you money in the short term, but long term they won’t deliver the ROI you’re looking for. You need a team of omnichannel experts on your side in the form of an eCommerce agency that understands best practice UX and conversion rate optimisation. 

E-Commerce Strategy

  • Through a number of in-depth interactions, we develop an understanding of your business and more importantly, your customers, to provide a tailored strategic direction for your eCommerce website.

Customer Focused

  • We take a customer first approach...Always. Creating user focused solutions means your customers are taken seamlessly through their online experience with your eCommerce website.

Industry Leading Platforms

  • We're platform agnostic here at Rysen. Though we prefer to utilise the power of Magento for larger eCommerce website projects, we have and continue to design award winning eCommerce websites on a number of platforms.

Fully Featured

  • Having an eCommerce website that has a clunky checkout process or is missing features that delight the user are met with angry and frustrated faces. We continuously source solutions and features to ensure your customers experience is as optimised as possible.

Design & UX

  • We live and breathe design and UX. Optimising eCommerce websites so that customers are able to find and purchase what they want as effortlessly as possible, while providing them with a premium looking interface that aligns with your brand along the way is what we do for a living.

Responsive Design

  • Everywhere you look people are on their mobile devices. Not having an eCommerce website that is optimised for mobile devices is costing you sales and providing a poor user experience to your customers. Every eCommerce website we work on includes responsive design to ensure a users mobile experience is just as seamless as it would be on desktop, because lets face it, we love our phones as well.

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Why choose Rysen?

Rysen is a full service agency, taking care of all your website needs. Read our FAQs below to discover more.

What is eCommerce website design?

eCommerce web design is as much about the aesthetics of the website as it is about the functionality. It is a formula which combines an effective user experience, user interface and functionalities.

eCommerce website design is actually very complex. You need to not only incorporate the elements of a standard website (if such a thing even exists) with your eCommerce requirements.

While every eCommerce website should be tailored to the business, some of the key elements to look for in your eCommerce website design are:

• Easy and clear navigation from the menu, as well as an intuitive structure for products & categories.
• Simple layouts that highlight the products, features and benefits with high quality images which showcase the products
• User-friendly product filters and search functionality
• Recommended and related products after each product listing
• Clear calls to action (CTA)
• Intuitive purchase process
• Consistent branding across all pages
• Social proof and reviews
• Functionality for multiple payment methods

It is important to not forget the backend of your eCommerce website. If it is difficult for you and your team to navigate and manage the backend of order processing and fulfilment, you will be tearing your hair out every day!
In the backend you want to look for things like:

• Thorough reporting dashboard
• Simple product upload and editing tools
• Integration with other services and platforms (e.g. shipping providers and payment gateways)
• Straightforward customer, order and stock management

It goes without saying that eCommerce web design should also be responsive and secure with fast web hosting.

At the end of the day, eCommerce website design is about taking users - your customers - on a journey through your store with the ultimate goal of conversion, or securing the sale.

What is a good eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website has one primary goal - to convert website visitors to customers.

In the same way you want as many visitors as possible to make a purchase from you within a bricks and mortar store, on an eCommerce website you want your conversion rate to be high. A good eCommerce website is optimised to send your conversions skywards and your revenue along with it.

A good eCommerce website is easy to use - both for you and your customers - and it highlights your products, showing them in their best light.

It’s also important to realise that a good eCommerce website isn’t set and forget. You need a digital marketing plan to support your eCommerce website. Depending on your niche, that marketing plan may include:

• Search engine optimisation (SEO) to drive Google organic traffic to your website.
• Content marketing via blogs, videos and social media posts.
• Email marketing to encourage repeat customers.
• Social media marketing across the platforms most relevant to your business.
• Pay per click (PPC) advertising for quick wins and to build early momentum.

A good eCommerce website also just doesn’t happen by chance, but rather it takes expertise and knowledge, strategic planning and skills. At Rysen, we pride ourselves on how we partner with our clients to create eCommerce websites that meet their objectives and goals.

As a full service eCommerce agency, we can support you through the entire journey with not only your eCommerce web design and development but also user experience and CX, digital strategy and mobile app development.

What is the best eCommerce platform?

There isn’t one single eCommerce platform that we would suggest without understanding your requirements and goals for the project.

We work with a range of eCommerce platforms, including the major players like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento. We can also build a custom solution as required.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right eCommerce platform, including:
• The way the platform integrates with your other software and platforms such as shipping providers, payment gateways, - • accounting software and email marketing platforms.
• The scalability of the platform and its capacity to grow as your business grows.
• The backend functionality and content management system.
• The ability of the platform to integrate across multiple channels such as Amazon.
• The versatility to accommodate your entire product catalogue.
• The SEO and mobile-friendliness of the platform.

When you start by mapping out your eCommerce goals and business plans, you avoid falling into the trap of choosing an eCommerce platform that doesn’t meet your needs. This could either be in the form of a platform that is too simplistic for your requirements, or alternatively, one that is too complex with features you will never use.

When you work with us at Rysen, we take the headache out of deciding which eCommerce platform to use by looking at your objectives, current business state and your plans for growth and then we recommend a platform that will support you and your goals.

No matter the platform, our eCommerce web designers and developers are skilled and experienced in a range of eCommerce platforms.

What are some of your best eCommerce website design projects you’ve worked on?

We have worked with some large names in eCommerce. Some of our clients are household names, while others are startup businesses just building their brand.

For every client, we tailor a bespoke solution across our range of services. We are a boutique digital and eCommerce agency so we can be agile and flexible to respond to changing demands.

While we have worked on a large number of successful projects, here are just five of our best eCommerce results:
Capral, Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium products and solutions, needed to simplify and organise the huge amounts of product information on their websites. The search functionality on their websites was complex and difficult to navigate.

In the new Capral online store we created a simple and easy to use filter that still kept the required level of detail. Importantly, customers can quickly and easily access crucial technical information and we built a backend that supported the huge number of enquiries received by Capral each day.

The result? An 84.18% increase in overall website traffic and an impressive 375% increase in transactions.
Digital Pacific is another of our clients who saw stellar results from our eCommerce web design work. Those results include a 14% increase in conversions, 27% increase in session time, 13% reduction in support tickets and an overall brand NPS increase from 56 to 60.

We achieved this through a comprehensive solution that set Digital Pacific apart from their competitors, both visually and functionally. We started with a comprehensive strategy phase that involved research, interviews and workshops. From there we developed a responsive website solution that featured a vibrant new colour palette and opportunities for users to engage with the product range through various entry points on the website including the home page.

Australian Geographic is a familiar brand with a reputation for high quality customer service. They needed an eCommerce solution that translated that expertise to their digital presence. The solution was about streamlining the retail operations to their digital audience and modernising the brand.

Our solution placed the customer at the centre of the strategy through a series of workshops and interviews along with quantitative data collection. We mapped the customer journey and optimised the shopping cart and checkout to maximise online conversions.

The completed website was a finalist for the 2019 Inside Retail Customer Experience of the Year & Omnichannel Retailer of the Year awards. More importantly, it achieved increased conversions and a streamlined platform for content and marketing for Australian Geographic.

When Bing Lee worked with us at Rysen they saw a 207% increase in online sales, 181% increase in mobile users and 175% increase in their conversion rate. Bing Lee wanted to revolutionise the company’s online user experience… and the solution we delivered was purpose built for this objective.

Our solution was a complete re-imagining of Bing Lee’s website and online store. We overhauled the wireframes and information architecture to address the shortcomings of Bing Lee’s previous website and create a best practice eCommerce experience. The result was a modern website design, simple and effective browsing tools with enhanced flexibility to promote and modify the product range.

Finally, King Living came to us looking to improve their online customer experience. Given the high value of each customer, this required a different approach than a standard eCommerce site to establish King Living as an online retail leader.

Following detailed research and analysis with macro and micro journey mapping, we workshopped the findings with key stakeholders across the King Living business before implementing enhanced usability features, key site optimisation solutions and a refreshed branding guide.

The work we did resulted in King Living being able to show 450% more products than they had previously. As all King Living furniture is made to order, this helps them to show the depth of their range. The result was increased rankings, traffic and revenue.

How can this new website help us achieve our business goals and KPIs?

When you put your eCommerce website design and development in Rysen’s hands, you can trust that we will always look at the big picture.

We know that your website will help you achieve your business goals and KPIs because that’s what we design it to do. We frame your eCommerce website design and development in strategic planning and user experience mapping so it will support your goals and meet your customer needs.

As a collective team we have decades of experience in designing and building successful eCommerce websites that deliver results. We build beautiful websites that take digital shopping experiences to the next level by taking a customer-centric approach to align your customer expectations with the experience they have on your site.