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Capral is Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium products and solutions, operating in Australia since 1936. Capral products are used in the fabrication of a wide range of products such as windows, doors, transport, marine applications and more.



Melbourne Design Awards 2020


The existing Capral websites contained a huge amount of information, in particular to do with their products. Bushfire ratings, wind and water ratings, acoustic ratings, technical docs, CAD, REVIT, WERS….the list goes on! All this was bunched together on the original sites, with customers required to navigate a tricky and complex search process in order to find what they were looking for. From the beginning it was clear this was a key challenge we needed to solve.

Our approach was two-fold. We created a simple to use, yet detailed filter, allowing users to easily discover the products that were suitable for their very specific needs. While downloads were available from each product page, we also created a dedicated “Resources and Downloads” area on the site, where we clearly sectioned and separated the large amount of downloadable resources available for each brand, application and product. Users could now come directly to this section to easily find and download any required technical material they may need, or, after using the filters, access this information directly via the product pages.


Today, the site allows users to easily search for, inform themselves about, and purchase new products and existing products. Crucial technical information can be accessed and downloaded quickly and easily and browsing Capral’s architectural and building solutions or their impressive showcase of past projects is possible with one click. Visually engaging and clear signposts, intuitive navigation, improved content and a customised Algolia Search functionality make it easy to find anything on the site and a streamlined signup process continues to capture increasing amounts of new users every month.

The backend hasn’t been forgotten, either. Lightening the internal load for Capral was a big part of the project. Development smarts work behind the scenes to manage the huge number of online enquiries received by Capral on a daily basis, automatically funnelling these requests to the correct department and ensuring they are quickly actioned. Detailed functionalities are in place to allow the Capral team to enter any required updates and data only once, after which this is automatically updated and populated in other areas of the site.



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DRIVENxDESIGN Melbourne Design Award Winner

Rysen have been the backbone to our digital strategy, with a focus on user experience and design which earned us an award winning website. Their methodical approach and structured flow is what sets them apart from the rest. However it’s their Project Management team that gels everything together which has seen multiple projects delivered on time and within budget.

Nick Stavrou Capral Limited National Marketing Manager, Marketing & Technology