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Elgas is Australia’s largest supplier of LPG to homes and businesses. With over 40 service centres around Australia, Elgas provides LPG for home, business, autos and BBQ customers. Elgas is also the largest Autogas wholesaler in Australia not owned or managed by an oil company.


Elgas approached Rysen to create an app for Licensed Gas Fitters that would give them a convenient way to carry the tools they need. These tools have previously been in the form of cardboard cut-outs. Rysen were challenged to create an app that consisted all the tools a Licensed Gas Fitter would need, in one convenient place.

The app needed to include the following tools:

  • 45kg Vaporisation Chart
  • Tank Vaporisation Chart
  • Pipe Sizing Calculator
  • LPG Conversion values
  • Propane Conversion values
  • Cylinder Dimension Chart
  • Cylinder installation specification diagrams.

This would also be the first app of its kind created for the Propane Gas Industry in Australia.

Another key component of the app was for Elgas to be able to capture the users in to a database, and to send out promotional notifications from the app.


To achieve the objective, Rysen undertook intensive research to understand how the tools were used by Licensed Gas Fitters so we could optimise their usability for the mobile app.

Rysen were able to enhance the user experience by:

  • Having the 45kg vaporisation chart specify the number of 45kg cylinders required based on temperature and gas load, in either MJ or BTU.
  • Have the Pipe sizing calculator work in either MJ or BTU loads and to provide data for both single stage and two stage systems.
  • Including an illustrated guide to explain the proper and safe placement & clearances for LPG gas cylinders including distances from ignition sources, wall openings and below ground spaces, such as drains or pits.
  • Utilising easy to use dropdown matrix charts that expose all the information for the specific value selected

The Mobile App was developed for iOS & Android. It was built using Ionic2, Cordova, TypeScript & SASS mobile app build.

The app also has an admin portal, which Elgas can access to view and export the user databases, send out push notifications and update promotional material in the app

Mobile App
Mobile App


Rysen has delivered a functional, easy-to-use mobile app which is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The uptake of the app has exceeded expectations and KPIs, reaching over 100 users in under 2 weeks.