e-Commerce Website

Australia’s best value bedding and furniture company needed to reinvigorate their online presence to break the stigma attached to the brand. Fantastic approached Rysen to exceed their expectations.


We were challenged by Fantastic Furniture to transform their dated and limited website into a modern, fully functioning eCommerce website.

Fantastic were looking to move on the project asap and like most projects, needed to be delivered yesterday.

The website was lacking eCommerce functionality, was not SEO optimised, did not allow customers to experience the entire Fantastic range and was generally very outdated.

In addition, the platform Fantastic had originally built the website on provided limitations in terms of creating a fully responsive solution. Fantastic therefore required the desktop and mobile versions of the website to be delivered separately.

We were challenged to increase the users overall time spent on the website through significantly improved UX and UI, decrease the current bounce rate and create a solution which allowed for growth in product range when required.

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Although the project was required to be delivered asap, Fantastic understood the importance and value of allowing us to undertake our tried and proven UX approach. Through research, UX workshops, recommendations and information architecture phase (which included creating sitemaps and wireframes) we proposed the project to be delivered in a phased approach.

Phase 1 – Launch the new desktop website with significant UX and UI enhancements

Phase 2 – Launch the new desktop website eCommerce functionality

Phase 3 – Launch the new mobile website eCommerce functionality with significant UX and UI enhancements

The end solution may have taken slightly longer to deliver, however this approach allowed the critical UX and UI enhancements to be delivered well ahead of schedule.

Every element of the project was focused on drastically improving the customer experience. Whether it be on desktop or any mobile device, the experience needed to be engaging, clean, fun and easy to navigate.


The design implemented captured the essence of the Fantastic Furniture brand. Integrating vibrant colour schemes, fun and unique layouts and conveying the value proposition allowed the majority of the KPIs to be surpassed.

The remaining KPIs (mostly relating to increase in sales and traffic) were exceeded through the simplified yet enhanced user experience established on the new desktop and mobile websites.