Online Marketing Gurus are one of Australia’s leading and most trusted digital marketing & SEO agencies. Their focus is on taking the complexity out of SEO and digital marketing to deliver bankable results for their clients.

As a strategic partner of Online Marketing Gurus, Rysen were engaged to help revitalise their digital presence and branding in order to take the company to the next level and position them as a true leader in the digital marketing and SEO space.


Online Marketing Gurus (OMG) felt their website was too corporate and didn’t convey the agency values & personality. OMG knew their website was difficult to navigate, didn’t focus on the user experience & was lacking the ability to convey the ‘size’ of the agency & the high calibre clients they partner with.

The challenge set by OMG was simple:

  1. Refresh the OMG brand
  2. Create a visually engaging website with killer UX
  3. Amplify the value of OMG via social proof
  4. Create a hub for digital marketing professionals through the new OMG academy
  5. Increase website leads & conversion rate
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We kicked off the project by going back to the beginning and speaking with founders Mez & Andrew to identify the core values and mission of OMG. The session helped identify that OMG set out to become to be the fastest growing and most client-focused digital marketing and SEO agency in Australia. The aim was to achieve this by delivering only the highest quality customer service, simplify an often complex industry, provide 100% transparency to clients and deliver ridiculous ROI.

With discovery completed, team Rysen & OMG collectively went through analysis of competitors, personas & user journeys to identify opportunities where we could enhance the user experience through vibrant and fun design coupled with interactive functionality.

Wireframe & interactive prototypes were designed to allow both teams to take potential users & stakeholders through the navigation and layout of the new website & provide agile feedback. It was important at this stage to consider the inbound marketing strategy that would be implemented by OMG following the launch of the website to utilise the power of the Hubspot CMS. To deliver on project objectives, we considered & carefully planned the placement of CTAs & forms across the site to capture qualified leads at the right time in their journey.

Once the website structure & inbound strategy was confirmed, it was time to bring this refreshed brand to life. Revamping the brand colours of OMG & introducing a new vibrant colour palette brought the website to life. Putting an emphasis on large engaging imagery, utilising deconstructed shapes from the OMG logo & designing a new icon suite creates a highly visual website that captures the imagination & allows OMGs personality to shine through.

Throughout the process, development partner Arcade Dev House was heavily involved to ensure the successful transition of the final designs into a fully functioning and pixel perfect website built on the Hubspot CMS.



Through close collaboration between OMG, Rysen & Arcade Dev House, we as a team were able to produce a highly visual, highly engaging website that met all of OMGs initial objectives. The brand guidelines created will allow OMG to take their brand to new heights & meet the founders mission in no time.