Responsive Landing Page

OPSM is the largest retailer of eye glasses in Australia and New Zealand operating over 400 physical stores.


OPSM were launching their Autumn/Winter collection to coincide with Sydney Fashion Week and required a rapid turnaround of a digital campaign which included a dedicated landing page and customised eDM.

OPSM has traditionally been perceived by customers as being very ‘clinical’. Rysen were challenged to create a customised user experience and user interface that would break the perception and portray OPSM’s Autumn/Winter 17′ collection in an engaging and highly aspiration way.


Rysen worked in an agile manner with the team at OPSM to ensure the campaign assets were delivered on schedule and in time for the season launch.
Wireframes were designed for each responsive breakpoint (wide desktop, tablet and mobile). The wireframes outlined each section of the landing page including content required and page hierarchy.

The UI design took inspiration from the colour theme of the new Autumn/Winter collection. Utilising colourful frames and immersive imagery keeps the audience engaged while also being highly aesthetic. To further increase engagement, interactive modules we’re developed to showcase the new product range.
The landing page was developed and tested across 4x breakpoints to make sure the page could be seamlessly viewed across any device or browser.

Landing Page
Landing Page
Mobile Design
Mobile Design
Responsive eDM
Responsive eDM


The customised landing page has been met with extremely positive feedback from internal stakeholders and customers alike.
The campaign is tracking to become on of OPSM’s most successful in recent memory.
Due to the great success of the landing page and eDM, future projects have been planned to continue the momentum.