Rysen launches the new King Living Responsive eCommerce Website

Rysen has crafted a new user experience and responsive website for this iconic brand at the forefront of Australian furniture design.

The fundamental objective of the design, optimisation and development of the new King eCommerce website was to improve the online customer experience.

Key usability features included elements such as:

  1. Smart (auto-hiding) header
  2. Simple and intuitive navigation
  3. Mobile first responsive design with four break-points
  4. Advanced search with auto-complete and the ability to display site-wide results.

Key site optimisation solutions such as the ability to ‘build your own King’ and a streamlined checkout process were further enhanced through the selection of eCommerce platform Magento 2.1 Enterprise


Since the launch of the new King Living eCommerce website we have seen performance increases in comparison to same time last year.

“The new King eCommerce website design, architecture and UX has allowed us to showcase a significantly higher number of products, from 20% of the range in 2016 to 90% in 2017 – an increase of 450% more products. As we make furniture to order, the new user experience allows King Living to show the depth of product ranges and choices, including over 130 different cover options, product sizes.”


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