Kiosk App

With over 20 million visits annually, Centennial Parklands is one of the world’s best public parklands.


Centennial Parklands was opening a new section of their iconic parklands known as the ‘South West Hub’. The South West Hub aimed to house the permanent location for a Centennial Park bike hire facility and a small café / takeaway kiosk. The hub would also see the relocation of the current public barbecue. As the area was going to be incredibly popular and see an enormous amount of foot traffic, Centennial Parklands wanted to provide their guests with all the information they required about the park without having to allocate human resources to the area.


The Centennial Parklands App that Rysen designed and developed had been released only 6 months earlier to great success. Centennial Parklands wanted to utilise the strategy and creative of the App and repurpose it for an un-maned way-finding kiosk.

The way-finding kiosk was developed using the same CMS platform as the app which allowed Centennial Parklands to make updates and edits when required.

Rysen conducted significant research in to outdoor way-finding kiosks to ensure the best possible experience was provided to park goers.


The way-finding kiosk was again met with high praise from visitors and Centennial Parklands staff.

The kiosk sits proudly in the South West Hub, where it is used on a daily basis for visitors to find out event information, what’s on in the parklands, look up things to do, read about visitor information and provide feedback.

The key component of the kiosk was the way-finding functionality. The kiosk allows users to identify the quickest route from the exact location of the kiosk to any landmark in the park. Visitor Feedback continues to be positive

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