As Australia’s largest independently owned non-bank lender, Mortgage House were in desperate need of a website which catered to their loyal and ever growing customer base. They relied on Rysen.





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Mortgage House are Australia’s largest independently owned non-bank lender. Established in 1986, Mortgage House recognised the limitations of the home loan market and began a path to innovate the industry through competitive rates, product diversity and unheralded customer service.

To continue along the path of innovation, Mortgage House desired a new website to deliver on three key objectives:

  1. Increase leads
  2. Increase conversions
  3. Enhance the Mortgage House customer experience

Mortgage House invited Australia’s best digital agencies to pitch for the design, build and integration of the new website. Rysen was successfully appointed as the agency.

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A customer-centric solution was delivered using the Lean UX approach ensuring the following:

  • Solving user problems over feature driven design
  • Applying appropriate tools over following a rigid plan
  • Early customer validation over releasing products with unknown end-user value
  • Agile design over heavy wireframes and specifications
  • Collaborative design over designing in isolation
  • Measuring KPIs over undefined success metrics

Solution deliverables and features include:

  • Industry & competitor research
  • User experience (UX) workshops
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • UX and website recommendations
  • Re-platforming of CMS
  • Responsive website design and development
  • Customer centric site structure, navigation & functionality
  • Industry first real-time ‘us vs them’ home loan comparison
  • Integration with bespoke systems

UX Workshop
UX Workshop


The launch of the new website was a resounding success. Multiple future phases have been planned to further improve the customer experience and maintain the ‘industry leader’ approach.

  1. Increase in leads above target and exceeded expectations
  2. Increase in conversions above target and exceeded expectations
  3. “Taking the Mortgage House customer experience to another level” as enthusiastically expressed by customers and the CEO.

"We are proudly different. We chose a path that ensured a continued focus on being competitive with our rates, offering diversity with our products and providing a level of customer service simply unheard of in the industry.

Creating a gravitational customer experience is paramount to Mortgage House. Rysen has been an exceptional partner in helping to deliver this experience. Starting with revolutionising our website, we are extending this ethos with Rysen across all aspects of our business to ensure that we continue to be the envy of our competitors."

Ken Sayer Founder & CEO