Kiosk App

Radio Rentals is Australia’s leading household appliance, technology and furniture rental company with over 90 stores Australia wide and a team of more than 500 valued employees.


A new RR concept store opened at December 2016 with the objective of reinvigorate the RR brand by representing itself in a modern environment. The concept store was completely different to anything RR had done previously. The bright, fresh store holds all the latest technology and products offered by RR. Rysen were engaged to help create a unique ‘tablet kiosk’ experience to ensure customers got the most out of their in-store visit and left with a positive perception of the brand.


The Rysen process was implemented to deliver this project with great success.

Step 1 involved identifying RR target market & creating customer personas. Following the creation of personas, empathy mapping and user journey workshops were conducted allowing us to identify key activities and pain points customers may face while visiting RR stores.

The next step was to present key UX and UI recommendations to both the client and development partner (Playhouse Digitial). Our key recommendation was to create an entirely new and unique experience for store visitors, not simply repurpose the website.

We worked closely with Playhouse Digital to create the architecture of the tablet kiosk before applying a modern user interface to strengthen the new brand direction.


The kiosks act as an ‘endless isle’ for the customer, as the store itself is not large enough to display the entire RR range. They also act as additional sales person with all relevant product and company information being accessible through the kiosks.

Products and information are displayed in engaging ways, enticing the customer to find out more and either speak to a staff member to begin an application, or spark enough interest to continue to look into RR as a viable option when next purchasing/renting products.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and client objectives continue to be met so much so that each new store will be fitted with tablet kiosks.

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