Click Frenzy Press Release

Rysen is astounded by the response to the unprecedented Click Frenzy event that took place on Tuesday evening AEDT 20 November 2012.


We are delighted to have worked with Click Frenzy on the look and feel of their brand and website design for this extraordinary event. While not involved in the development or hosting of the website, we have received a number of emails and calls from the site’s visitors and are understanding of their concerns and frustrations.


We fully support and stand by the team behind Click Frenzy and their partners.

Please find below an official press release from Click Frenzy.


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Whether positive or negative, the mass media surrounding the inaugural Click Frenzy sales event proves this undertaking was unprecedented on all accounts. Here, Director Grant Arnott addresses the major concerns.


Tuesday 20 November was an extraordinary day for digital commerce in Australia. Simply, public interest in Click Frenzy surged well beyond anything we anticipated when we launched into the market six weeks ago. We have publicly stated in the lead-up that our systems were prepared for up to one million unique visitors through the 24 hour period.


The facts are that site data provided by UltraServe reports millions of queries to in the first few minutes from 7pm last night, and the site was unable to sustain the load, which was multiple times greater than the maximum capacity we had forecast.


Engineers at UltraServe who have been working continuously to add capacity worked feverishly to restore service by 10pm, and continued working through the night and will continue endeavours throughout today to maintain performance.


We deeply apologise for the frustration our customers have experienced. We are also thankful for the support of a number of retailers who have delivered messages of encouragement and have also recorded record sales and traffic volumes as a result of Click Frenzy. Our goal was always to give participating retailers a positive outcome and give customers a good experience – the reports of some record sales since service has been restored are most pleasing.


Privacy of Information

We understand rumours have arisen that Click Frenzy will be using the information gathered from participants for third party marketing purposes.


We categorically state that this is untrue – we respect the precious nature of permission given and we categorically state that we have not and will not sell or rent any customer information to third parties.


Please refer to the privacy policy on site via, specifically clause 3.4. Customers have the right to unsubscribe from Click Frenzy at any time, and may do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in any emails received from Click Frenzy or by emailing to request removal.



The Click Frenzy sale concludes this evening and we are fully committed to ensuring full service for the remainder of the event, and addressing concerns as they arise. Please understand that we are inundated with queries and I will unlikely be able to respond promptly to interview queries until further notice. We will continue to issue updates and keep media informed of progress and further announcements.



Grant Arnott


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