The digital world is constantly growing and exploring new and unique ways to market companies. As a result, OPSM has worked with Rysen on innovative solutions for marketing.


OPSM is a well-known optical brand in Australia. It’s long history meant that the integrity of the company needed to be at the forefront of the marketing collateral. As a result, OPSM & Rysen works closely in creating concepts and turning them into digital experiences for consumers.


Through a thorough amount of user research, competitor and industry research, Rysen was able to come up with a curated list of concepts for OPSM to consider. By working collaboratively and engaging OPSM in the design process, Rysen was able to create unique and innovative digital solutions for OPSM. These were all validated by our research and as a result, performed well in engaging users to click-through.

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Digital Screens
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